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Er Boqueron

Er Boqueron is a "gastro ale" or "food pairing beer" brewed by Rafa Suñer and Sergio Iborra (brewers of La Socarrada and collaborators on Valencia Saison). This incredible golden ale is brewed with Agua de Mar Mediterranean Sea Water, a purified sea water originally created to be used in homes and commercially in the preservation of raw seafoods.

A portion of the purified seawater is used each time water is added/used during the brewing process. Allowing this "liquid salt," if you will, to cook into the barley and hops, and the yeasts being able to eat of the salts and various minerals found in sea water, has a very interesting effect on the beer, producing a rather unique and a enjoyable experience.

While brewed with purified sea water, this otherwise very simple golden ale is neither salty, nor sour like one might expect. Rather, Er Boqueron is a wonderfully complex gastro ale. Aromas and flavors of a soda bread, chic peas, and caramel, herbaciousness of chamomile tea and alfalfa, a savory, umami richness, and a crisp, dry finish; a veritable feast for the beer geeks, yet highly accessible to all.

We recommend serving this ale in a Pokal or Footed Pilsner glass at 50 degrees, along side seafood.

ABV: 5.6%

Bitterness/IBU: Very low, 20 IBU

Available Formats: 330mL bottles, 12 per case; 30L Dolium kegs

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