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La Socarrada

La Socarrada is a "gastro ale" or "food pairing beer" brewed by Rafa Suñer and Sergio Iborra (brewers of Er Boqueron and collaborators on Valencia Saison). Seeking to create a beer that embodied their homeland of Xàtiva, Spain and its culture, they hit their mark dutifully with this benchmark for food pairing beers. What's in a name? "Socarrada" is a translation from “socarrat,” meaning “burned” in Spanish. At the turn of the 18th century during the War of Spanish Succession, the town of Xátiva (pronounced SHA-TEE-VAH) was razed to the ground and kept aflame for eight days by King Felipe V. The survivors of this terrible event thrived, rebuilding Xátiva, and to this day refer to themselves as the “socarrats,” or "the burned."

What's rosemary honey? Rosemary honey is a mono-floral honey created by bees that obtain their nectar nearly entirely from the rosemary flower. In the Valencia region of Spain rosemary honey (“mel de romer” in Spanish) is quite popular, so much so that saying something is "like mel de romer,” is an expression of accolade meaning “top of the line” or “best of the best."

La Socarrada is brewed with rosemary and rosemary honey, English Challenger hops, and a pilsner/amber malt blend; bottle-conditioning provides additional effervescence and an opaque pour.

Aromas and flavors of rosemary, honey, pears, apples, figs, black pepper, and a distinct bite of ginger; a slightly creamy off-white head, light attenuation, crisp, highly effervescence, and dry finish.

We recommend serving this ale in a white wine glass at 50 degrees, along side manchego and pecorino cheeses, paella, gumbo, roasted lamb, pork loin, wild game, steak, spiced poultry and seafood, and much, much more.

ABV: 6%

Bitterness/IBU: Very Low/Discrete, 20 IBU

Available Formats: 330mL bottles, 20 per case; 750mL bottles, 8 per case; 30L Dolium Kegs

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